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Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Fund-Raising Campaign

Tesla Science Center is racing to raise money to buy back Nikola Tesla's old laboratory, known as the Wardenclyffe Tower, and eventually turn it into a museum. There has been active interest in the property from other potential buyers.

The property costs $1.6 million and this non-profit organization has received a matching grant from New York State for $850 thousand.


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Fragments from Olympus

Movie in the Making

Award-winning director Joseph Sikorski directs another Nikola Tesla movie which revolves around the inventor’s struggles and triumphs, as well as the United States government’s interest in what Tesla described as a death ray.

The filmmakers have signed up the internationally acclaimed star Sean Young (Bladerunner, Dune, No Way Out, Ace Ventura Pet Detective) and veteran character actor Leo Rossi (Halloween II, The Accused, Analyze This).

Cinematographer Howard J. Smith, (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Matrix films, and Men in Black III) also works in the project.

The film hopes to help the Tesla Science Center buy Wardenclyffe. The later is a private group in Shoreham that is seeking to turn the dilapidated laboratory into an educational memorial.

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TESLA, The Poet of Electricity

Movie in the Making

The Tesla Science Foundation has had the great pleasure of providing consulting services on the movie production of Tesla -The Poet of Electricty by Matrixx Productions. Many thanks to James Jaeger and his production staff.

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Nikola Tesla Inventions in 3d

Learning Through 3-Dimensions is an education project expanding the knowledge and understanding of the innovative concepts of Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Science Foundation collaboration with The Art Institute of Philadelphia and the Tesla Museum of Belgrade, Serbia is an international initiative that combines Tesla content expertise with the visual experience of 3D modeling and animation. As part of the initial start-up project, various three-dimensional renderings of Nikola Tesla inventions were developed. The visual impact of these learning modules creates engaging and unique perspectives for learning about the technology of Tesla.

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