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Communication With Mars

Various notes of Gregory Hodowanec on the convincing alien messages he received from Mars.

dotto ring

Dotto Rings

Undated test ( 1980s ) of Gregory Hodowanec

Figure 1: Planar view of circumferential vectors in basic cell of matrix structure

Rhysmonic Cosmology

A monograph by Gregory Hodowanec.

EM wave propagation

A Primer on New Energy

Cosmology Note of July 10, 2014 by Gregory Hodowanec

My Inventions

Nikola Tesla, one of the most profound inventors of all time, teaches us the most important lesson that anyone who has lived a long fruitful life can impart in this self-written autobiography.

The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla

The book has no copyright identification, nor any means of contacting the publishers. As far as the reproducer is aware, this autobiography is no longer available in printed form anywhere.

Prodigal Genius: Biography of Nikola Tesla

The strange experiment with life that comprises the story of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla: Master of Imagination

Short biography of Tesla's early experiences and inventions.